Celebrating Spring

Celebrating Spring



We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of the class of 2023 this Thursday. We wish them well on their journey to high school. Best of luck!

Lost and Found Items on Display

Several water bottles, coats, shoes, sweatshirts and more are on display in the front entrance of Central School. We encourage parents and students to please look through these items before they are donated on June 9. Access is granted after school hours. Please contact Mr. Kim with questions.

1, 2, 3, BLAST OFF!

View photos from our 8th grade science class. Using their knowledge of physics and engineering, Central students designed, constructed and launched rockets to remain aloft for a maximum period of time.

5th Grade Science Lab Fun

Mr. Bauhs’ fifth-grade science class experimented with mixtures and solutions in a science lab. Each student combined different ingredients to determine states of matter and identify mixtures or solutions. View more photos here.

Central World Culture Club Visits New Trier

The Central School World Culture Club visited New Trier to attend EL Multicultural Luncheon which showcased 22 student-lead presentations about countries around the world. Thank you to Ms. Osorio for sponsoring this club. We’re immensely proud of the sharing and learning that occurs in these events as they support our culture of belonging and inclusivity. View more photos here.

8th Graders Sculpt Climbing Figures

Eighth grade students in art sculpted climbing figures to display around Central School. The figures are made of tin foil and plaster wrapping. View photos here.

Congratulations to our Science Olympiad Team

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team who took 3rd place out of 20 teams at the state competition this past Saturday. This is the highest finish any Central team has accomplished in the history of Glencoe. Of the 23 events, team members placed in the top 5 in 9 of those events. Special recognition goes to the state champions in experimental design: Cassie, Li, Will C, and Nathan Z.

Spartans on the Run

Track season is up and running. Congratulations to our Central Track Team who completed their first meet last week. Come cheer on our Spartans at our next races. View photos of the meet here.

Congrats to the Science Olympiad Team

Congratulations to the Central Science Olympiad team for their 4th place finish in the regional competition.  Olympians medaled in 11 of 23 events. This qualifies the team for the state competition at the University of Illinois on April 22nd.  Their coach, Mr. Brian Sitz states, “They prepared very well and have a better appreciation for how hard they have to work to see the results that they are looking for.  I think they will be even more driven over the next month and a half to modify, redesign, and study to achieve some new goals that we will establish.” Thank you to our coaches and families for supporting our young scientists. Join us in wishing the team well in April. View more photos here.

Cheer on Boys Volleyball

The Central 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys volleyball teams are nearing the end of their season. Come cheer on our teams. Thank you to our coaches, Ms. Purcell, Mr. Weirheim, and Mrs. Matthew for their dedication.

Games this week:
Monday 3/6 vs. Northbrook Junior High @ Home. 7th grade @ 4 p.m.; 8th grade @ 5 p.m.
Tuesday 3/7 vs. Sears @ Home. 7th grade @ 4 p.m.; 8th grade @ 5 p.m.
Wednesday 3/8 vs. Washburne Green @ Winnetka. 7th grade @ 4 p.m.; 8th grade @ 5 p.m.; 6th grade vs. Christian Heritage Academy @ HOME, 4 p.m.

8th Graders Enjoy Winter Fun at Watts

Eighth grade students enjoyed winter fun at Watts last Thursday. View more photos here.

Congrats to our Debate Team

Congratulations to our Central School Debate Team who had a great showing at their meet on December 15th. Students on the team learn the art of rhetoric, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. Thank you to Mrs. Alsberg for her time and commitment to mentoring and coaching our students.

Chess Club Takes First Place

Congratulations to the Central School Chess Club for taking first place in the Kumbaya Chess Tournament. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Pituc for supporting this opportunity and helping our students to shine.


  We are pleased to share that our students are able to use text messaging to reach out for help for themselves or friends at any time of day or night. Text-a-Tip allows students to find anonymous, immediate help if they are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, depression, difficult family situations, bullying, or any of the many challenges they face today. Text-A-Tip is staffed with local counselors provided by LEAD (Linking Efforts Against Drugs), a non-profit organization focused on promoting healthy family relationships and preventing alcohol and drug use and other risky behaviors by youth.

For additional information about Text-A-Tip, please click here.

Central School Club for 2022 - 2023

Please click here for a list of clubs offered at Central School.  There is no need to register.

Central School’s Bell Schedule

Carline Procedures

In advance, we thank you all for your cooperation when following Central School’s carline procedures.  For a complete listing of all carline procedures, please click here.